Saybolt Viscometer Apparatus
The bath has a lid which contains a water cooling tube, two handle with two stirrer blades, thermometer socket and a straight heater, stirring is done by turntable arrangement. The apparatus consists of Stainless Steel bath with oil cup which is centrally placed in a water bath.  A thermometer can also be inserted into the cup cover. Used for determining the Viscosity of fuel oil and lubricating oil both thin & thick. The jets one universal and one Furol can be screwed to the cup by a handle (without strainer, withdrawal tube and glassware) can operate on 220 Volts AC mains. 

Service Required:-
•  Suitable Table space to mount apparatus.
•  15 Amps. Single Phase Electrical Connection.
•  Fuel Oil OR Lubricating Oil sample.
•  Suitable Water.

Saybolt Viscometer Apparatus