Driving and Driven Machines

•  Air Compressor Test Unit.
•  Single-Stage Piston Compressor.
•  Gas Turbine Jet Engine.
•  Steam Power Plant 20kW with Process Control System.
•  Determination of the Vapour Content.
•  Gas Turbine.
•  Gas Turbine with Power Turbine.
•  Simulation of a Gas Turbine.
•  Two-Cylinder Steam Engine. 

•  Two-Stage Piston Compressor.
•  Simulation of a Two-Stage Air Compressor.

•  Steam Power Plant with Steam Engine.


Technical Specifications:-

•  Cooling Tower 140kW.
•  Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System.
•  Cooling Tower 140kW.
•  Cooling Tower 115kW.
•  Steam Generator.
•  Cooling Tower 115kW.
•  Steam Power Plant, 1,5kW.
•  Axial Steam Turbine.
•  Safety Devices on Steam Boilers.

Driving and Driven Machines