A funnel may be a tube or pipe that is wide at the highest and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening. Funnels are typically product of stainless steel, aluminium, glass, or plastic. The material used in its construction ought to be durable enough to face up to the load of the substance being transferred, and it should not react with the substance. For this reason, stainless steel or glass are useful in transferring diesel, whereas plastic funnels are helpful within the room. Typically disposable paper funnels are employed in cases wherever it might be tough to adequately clean the funnel afterwards. Dropper funnels, also called dropping funnels or tap funnels, have a tap to allow the controlled unleash of a liquid. A flat funnel, product of polypropene, utilises living hinges and flexible walls to fold flat. Lab Glassware is the leading in Funnel Manufacturer, Funnel Suppliers, Funnel in India, Funnel Exporter, Funnel, Plastic Funnels, Glass Funnel in India, Funnels Pear shape, Thistle Funnel, Funnel Filtering, Cone Powder Funnel Manufacturer, Funnel Holder, Dropping Funnel, Analytical Funnel, Funnel Manufacturer in India.