Lab Glassware Volumetric Flasks could be a piece of Laboratory Equipment, A kind of Laboratory Flasks, mark to contain an precise volume at an exact temperature. Volumetric Flasks are used for precise dilutions and preparation of normal solutions. These Flasks are sometimes Pear-Shaped, with a Flat Bottom, and product of Glass or Plastic. The Flasks Mouth is either equipped a plastic snap/screw cap or fitted with a Joint to accommodate a PTFE or Glass Stopper. The neck of Volumetric Flasks is elongated and Narrow with an graven ring graduation marking. The marking indicates the volume of liquid contained when filled up to that point. The marking is often mark at 20 °C and indicated correspondingly on a label. The Flasks label additionally indicates the nominal volume, tolerance, exactness category and relevant producing normal. volumetric Flasks are of varied sizes, containing from 1 ml to 20 liters of liquid. Volumetric Flasks Manufacturer, Volumetric Flasks Exporters, Volumetric Flasks Suppliers, Laboratory Volumetric Flasks, Glass Volumetric Flask Manufacturer, Laboratory Glassware Volumetric Flasks, Volumetric Flasks Class A, Volumetric Flasks Class B, Amber Volumetric Flasks, Volumetric Flasks Manufacturer in India, Volumetric Flasks Suppliers in India